Always Say Less than Necessary

“When you are trying to impress people with words, the more you say, the more common you appear, and the less in control. Even if you are saying something banal, it will seem original if you make it vague, open-ended, and sphinx-like. Powerful people impress and intimidate by saying less. The more you say, the more likely you are to say something foolish.”

Personal Reflection: Not much other to say than that I am not that great at mastering this law yet, but a lot of what I say goes toward one of the laws upcoming about creating attention. Sometimes, in order to enforce one of these laws, you have to break another one of these. It’s an odd phenomena and I guess it just goes to show that you should pick and choose based on the situation and which law helps better your advancement. Some are different than others. Also, I was right about my last reflection. Turns out the Trump-Russia narrative was fake, which I had a strong feeling toward all along. Any average person in the middle knows that the Democrats are great at blaming anyone but themselves.


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