Never put too much trust in friends, learn how to use enemies

“Be wary of friends- they will betray you more quickly, for they are easily aroused to envy. They also become spoiled and tyrannical. But hire a former enemy and he will be more loyal than a friend, because he has more to prove. In fact, you have more to fear from friends than from enemies. If you have no enemies, find a way to make them.”

Personal reflection: Friends are an interesting paradigm. Robert Greene’s book goes in depth in clarifying and explaining each law and it is fun to see how each reflects in history. I have always had this idea in my head that if I ever were to become a politician, Lord help us all, I would probably have one of my biggest political foes on my staff when the results were all said and done. This play worked very well on House of Cards….for a while. Ironically, his wife is now the one going against him. Anyway, its odd on how friends can be so amazing and supportive and interesting while you have them at arms reach. Once time and distance increases between you and them, a natural change occurs. Some friends turn into Old Friends, whom are worthy of keeping close; however, others turn into Distant Friends, and those are the ones that are the most variable in terms of bond over time. We see many historical figures pamper their friends while they are in high positions of power, only to be stabbed in the back by the same sharp knife they gifted the friend long ago. Again, its an interesting paradigm and the next few laws are going to really strike a chord with me. More reflections to come.



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