The Daily Bonkers

Volume 1, Post 1


Quote of the day:

“I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.”

~Lao Tzu

Today I just wanted to get a start on this blog. My writing muse has been calling me lately and I think it is time to finally give it the attention it begs for. This blog will feature myself at my most random thought processes. I have a major in Computer Science and a minor in Political Science so expect plenty of tech and politics. I’ll also post cool facts that are worth sharing and some commentary of the things I learn in my never-ending quest for light that comes from Freemasonry as well. Also, I LOVE sports, well most of them, so expect plenty of that too. Today I think I’m going to let my mind be on auto-pilot and briefly touch each topic for the first day. A couple more things you will see on here is a daily quote and potentially clippings from my latest writing projects.

First of all, I have been doing various projects for this semester of schooling involving image processing and manipulation, as well as working on a word game as part of assignments. I’ll also be exploring the difference between serial and parallel programming when it comes to Conway’s Game of Life. It’s not really a game but a simulation, you can google it and get a better understanding. I’m still working on that myself, truth be told.

As for that damn election, the main thing I can say is that I am glad that it is over. I did accurately predict that one candidate would win the popular vote and the other would win the electoral vote. Turns out, I had the candidates swapped! I intend on my first solely political post on here will be addressing the origins of the electoral college and its primary intent in context of the past. My memory has been failing me with this heavy load of a college semester but I think it had a bit to do with the 3/5ths compromise.

One old folksy fact I learned happened yesterday. My father and I were talking with one of his older friends. We all noticed the abnormally vast presence of ladybugs in our area for this time of year. Usually they are around and doing their own thing, but this year there have been more and I have been walking into buildings with ladybugs on one of my pieces of clothing. Turns out, the older folks use this as a sign that bad weather is coming. I tried to ask the friend for some more specifics but that is all I got. She told me that it could mean a bad winter is coming for the state. That would not surprise me to make up for the lack of winter weather last year. I preferred it to be honest and it would be nice for the weather to hold off one more year so I can get through my last semester and not worry about adjusting with the school in terms of inclement weather. It just messes up the course track and leaves everyone scatterbrained.

In regards to my work in Freemasonry, I am hoping to do some more learning during my off-time next month. I have been reading into the history of Freemasonry, explained by Albert Mackey and it has been very interesting. While on the topic, no we do not sacrifice things or do any occult stuff in lodge. If you were a fly on the wall, you might even find it boring when we do administrative stuff. We just want to improve ourselves to be better men as a whole and then let that radiate to the rest of society and…pun intended… make them great again. Also, we like to channel our inner thespian when it comes to ritual. I love performance arts!

SPORTS TIME! How about them Cowboys?! They have been a pleasant surprise to watch all year long in the NFL. Dak Prescott is the perfect QB they need to complement their strong offensive line. The Dallas Cowboys are living proof that a strong offensive line makes your team competitive no matter if your quarterback, halfback, or receivers lack a bit in the speed/talent department. It is surprising to see the Arkansas Razorbacks regress from that same philosophy that has been preached to them. I think there is something going on between the players and the coaching staff that the public is not aware of, and if nothing else, our quarterback is not 100 percent but to be fair this guy has taken a major beating from opposing defenses this season so he should not suffer the brunt of the blame when his offensive line should be alleviating this problem. Still though, I think we have to play like we did against Ole Miss if we are going to take out the Mississippi State team on Saturday night.

I do apologize for the randomness of this first post, however, I wanted to give a brief taste into the things I like to write and discuss. The daily posts that will come after this one will most likely have a focus on one topic. I might include some random thoughts at the bottom like this:

Random Thoughts:

  • I really like this new Metallica album that I’m listening to as I type this.

You get the point.

I’ll end this post by mentioning that one of my gifts for everyone this holiday season will be my Christmas Special. It will be a short story involving Christmas and it will be the pilot that introduces some of my characters and setting for my next writing project. I am bringing back my childhood comic hero in a modern literary context. Redneck Man! It is super satirical, has a lot of humor, action packed and can be serious at times with philosophy. It will be done by Christmas Day for sure and I’ll post it on here as a download or something, those details have not been worked out yet.

Thank you for reading! It’s nearly time for my next class and I will be figuring out my medical insurance bullshit during the next break.

Peace be with you,





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